Immerse yourself into 39 books of the Old Testament and discover God's plan to restore and redeem.


About The Course

This course will attempt to introduce students to every book within the Old Testament as divided by the books’ genre and themes. Our course of study will begin with a deep dive into Genesis, laying the foundations of civilization and of the Hebrew nation.

We’ll then move into the Pentateuch, giving the students a thorough grasp for the Law. We will cover the stories of Israel's conquering of the Promised Land and the cycles of enslavement and freedom that follow.

The course will consider the culture of Israel, its leaders, and even surrounding nations to help students achieve a solid grasp on God’s relationship to His people. We will study the wisdom and poetic books, their authors, and structures.

Finally, we will turn our attention to the prophets, the voices that ultimately point us back to Jesus and declare the outcries of a loving and powerful God, desperate for His people. By the end of the course, the student should have a solid understanding of the story of ancient Israel as told by the Old Testament, its people’s struggles, victories, and losses, as well as the overarching themes found within.

10 Video Lessons 

HD video teachings that will help you start your journey as a disciple of Jesus. 

Course Guide 

A downloadable workbook that guides you through the course.

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Lesson 1


Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Remaining Pentateuch

Lesson 4

Joshua, Judges & Ruth

Lesson 5


Lesson 6

Kings & Chronicles

Lesson 7

Ezra, Nehemiah & Esther

Lesson 8

Songs & Wisdom

Lesson 9

Major Prophets

Lesson 10

Minor Prophets