What is Awakening U?

This site was designed for in-depth discipleship with world-class teachers and leaders covering topics from Basic Doctrine, the New Testament, Spiritual Warfare, and Finding Freedom in body mind and soul. All of our content is available in once place- sermons, discourses, conversations all here...with the goal to ground you in good theology, create a strong foundation that can withstand the storm. So whether you are working full-time, in school, a brand new follower of Jesus or in full-time ministry these courses are created for you to connect with your Creator, learn His ways, discern His spirit, and come into the full knowledge of His truth. Join Awakening U and join a community of faith- filled people committed to Christ.

Awakening Church

Awakening Church is a family-focused Christian Church led by Pastor Jordan and Samantha Boyce. The community first began 30 years ago as New Life Worship Center. Awakening Church is located in Smithfield, RI, and has  Online Broadcast streaming weekly. 

We believe we are called to push, pray, and pioneer into what God has in store for us. Unstoppable will always be our nature.

Meet The Team


Jordan Boyce

Jordan Boyce has been leading in ministry for over 15 years and is the Lead Pastor of Awakening Church in Smithfield, RI. He has a passion for the local church and an anointing for preaching. Pastor Jordan and his wife Samantha have three children: Judah, Micah, and Emma.   

Stephen Boyce

Stephen Boyce has been the Senior Pastor of New Life Worship Center for over 30 years. Pastor Steve is a father in the faith with a powerful, practical preaching gift. Steve graduated from Oral Roberts University with an M.A. in Practical Theology. He and his wife, Nancy, have two children and four grandchildren.

David de la Cruz

David de la Cruz is a pastor and teacher at Awakening Church. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and a Master's in Theological Studies. He has spent over twenty years serving the local church and its members. David and his wife, Jessica, have 3 boys.


Julius Hoff

Julius Hoff is the pastor at New Life Church in Fall River. He has served and led in the local church for over ten years. Julius has a heart for people and believes the best is yet to come for every person. He and his wife, Larissa, have two children.


Krystle Lutz

Krystle is a member and teacher at Awakening Church. She has a Masters Degree in Social Work and is a licensed Clinical Social Worker in R.I. Krystle and her husband, Tim, have 3 children and have a heart to serve God’s house and people.

Nathan Kosiba 

Nathan Kosiba is a pastor at Awakening Church. He has taught in a variety of settings professionally and in ministry for over 10 years. He and his wife, Brittany, have 2 children.