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The epistles to Timothy give us a firsthand look at the development of a leader at the hands of one of the greatest leaders of the New Testament.

1 & 2 Timothy consists of letters written by Paul for a specific person, Timothy, but also doubles as a word for the Church.

The books of Timothy are one of three Pastoral letters to Timothy and Titus. Both of these men were partners with Paul in the work of the ministry. You can see that this partnership was more like family, especially in 1 & 2 Timothy.

Some key themes to look out for within these two books are  Church Culture, Leadership in the Church, Suffering, Truth, and Godliness.


Very personal: Timothy was like a son to Paul.

Very practical: He is most interested in building up the Church and protecting it’s truth. But he’s also interested in building up Timothy, the young Pastor and leader.


We know that Paul is martyred somewhere around 64-67 AD under Nero, his reign ends in 68 AD. These books may have been written shortly after the book of Acts ends, within a few years.


To Timothy, someone Paul held in high esteem (1. Cor. 4:17 NLT). Paul came to know Timothy back in Act 16 when he was in Lystra, Timothy was entrusted with the church Paul founded back in Acts 19 in Ephesus.

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Lesson 1

Instructions For Leaders

Lesson 2


Lesson 3

Church Operations

Lesson 4

False Teachers

Lesson 5

Widows & Elderly

Lesson 6

Sound Doctrine

Lesson 7

Protect The Gospel

Lesson 8

Suffering For The Gospel

Lesson 9

Pursue Godliness

Lesson 10

Preach The Word